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Dinah's new productivity/planning coaching business now open!

I'm very pleased to announce that I'm now open for business in San Francisco in my new career as a productivity/planning/workflow coach! As a good friend put it when I described my services, I'm a lens that helps you focus.

In my two and a half hour sessions with clients, I help them concentrate on their priorities, knock away roadblocks, improve the flow of their business processes, and get more out of their tools and techniques for getting things done. After the session I leave them unstuck and moving forward with a clearer understanding of their goals and the actions they'll be doing (or stop doing) in order to achieve them. Ideally, they'll even be able to knock a few things off their lists during our time together.

Here's what some of my clients have said about the experience:
"Dinah literally helped me get my priorities straight, and now I have a better sense of how each of my individual projects are helping me move in the right direction.  I now feel like I have a system in place to make sure all of my projects are manageable, and that the little things don't fall through the cracks. Thanks Dinah!!" - Lila B.

"After meeting with Dinah, I felt like my business had undergone a productive angioplasty. Her suggestions were like stents, removing the obstructions and allowing productivity to flow more smoothly through the workplace. Bravo, Dinah!" - Fil M.

Sessions, which include a follow-up report, are $300 each, with discounts for prompt payment or successful referrals to new clients.

Thank you for visiting my site (and for pardoning its current minimalism as the full official site design is being completed). I'll be happy to answer any questions by email to Dinah at this domain. You can also find me on LinkedIn and follow me as expediterSF Discardia [as of March 2010] on Twitter.

Thank you for your time - and please do let me know if I can help you make the most of it!



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