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What can the Expediter do for you?

I offer planning/workflow/productivity assistance to small businesses. I'm different from the usual sort of consultant in that I am offering my skills in small chunks of focused work together, rather than coming in with "my system" and trying to waffle-iron it onto you.

My goal is to spend 2.5 hours with you, help you focus on your priorities, knock away roadblocks, and improve the flow of your business processes. After the session I want to leave you unstuck and moving forward with a clearer understanding of your goals and the actions you'll be doing (or stop doing) in order to achieve them.

I've worked in a wide variety of positions from senior software product manager to office manager to bookstore owner. I've also been writing and presenting extensively in both my professional and personal life during the last decade and can bring these skills to bear along with my organizational, productivity, and planning knowledge.

We can cover a lot of ground in that time, but here are some of the kinds of things I can help with:

- listening to your project or business plan ideas and capturing them in a written form you can use as a base with which to move forward;

- exploring how you work with information inputs (e.g. email, feeds, physical mail/reading, phone calls). identifying where they help or hinder your ability to stay productive, and making adjustments to maximize the helping and eliminate the hindering;

- talking through a current roadblock (e.g. thousands of emails in your inbox, a teetering stack of papers including receipts you need to give you your accountant, unpaid invoices from your clients or client billing not yet done) and knocking it out of your way so you can get back in the flow;

- reviewing past goals, priorities and tasks you set for yourself to evaluate your current strategic position, updating your plans, and defining the future points at which to measure progress;

- discussing things that didn't go well (e.g. missed deadlines, cost overruns, and other painful experiences) and adjusting processes and plans to avoid these problems in the future.


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